Vision Engineering launches ‘world first’ 3D-view inspection microscope

Inspection and measurement specialist Vision Engineering has launched what it says is the first ultra-high definition digital stereoscopic 3D-view microscope.

Giving quality labs and R&D departments a new advanced option, this new flagship product – the Deep Reality Viewer (DRV-Z1) microscope – enables the user to view high definition 3D images under magnification without using a flat screen, or requiring operators to wear goggles or specialist glasses.

Users will be able to share and manipulate 3D images of components, parts or products in real time by linking multiple DRV systems via wired or wireless technologies.

Designed at Vision Engineering’s Woking, UK HQ, the DRV-Z1 can advance supply network collaboration in manufacturing and quality, design and rapid prototyping as well a the healthcare and medical sectors, the firm said: “The ability to simultaneously share and discuss full 3D images of critical parts, repairs or design enhancements without any delay offers tangible benefits.”

In terms of transfer of vital information and quality of view, colleagues across multi-site organisations, suppliers and their customers and designers and manufacturing engineers can use the DRV’s real time connectivity to significantly accelerate and improve both product design and client response.

“This breakthrough technology sets a new industry standard, offering users an incredible 3D viewing experience, without the need for glasses or headset,” explained MD Mark Curtis. “The ability to share high definition images with other users anywhere in the world presents a huge opportunity to improve standards across key industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and the automotive sector.”

Vision Engineering said its products address operator fatigue and eyestrain, which can result in reduced operator efficiency and productivity. Using Vision Engineering’s globally patented TriTeQ3 digital 3D display technology, the DRV-Z1 moves these advantages further forward, combining improved ergonomics with real time transfer of 3D product images for rapid and informed decision-making.   DRV-Z1 systems are designed to address the important quality control and production requirements in sectors including electronics, aerospace, automotive and medical industries.