US fastener and tool brand SENCO acquired by KYOCERA

KYOCERA has expanded its fastening tools business in the manufacturing, construction, residential and commercial sectors following the acquisition of SENCO.

SENCO is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been renamed ‘KYOCERA SENCO Industrial Tools Inc’. Thanks to the acquisition, KYOCERA aims to increase sales of fastening tools and fasteners to JPY 40 billion (approx USD $361 million) by the fiscal year ending 31 March 2021.

Established in 1948, SENCO creates fasteners and power tools for the aforementioned sectors with a diverse range that includes pneumatic and electric nailers, staplers, screw systems and compressors. It also has ranges of nails, staples, screws and special fasteners. Manufacturing and marketing is concentrated in the US and Europe, with products sold in more than 40 countries. Employee numbers total around 570.

KYOCERA entered the industrial tools market in the ’70s with a line of high-speed metal processing tools. It has expanded into aerospace, automotive, woodworking and other areas and in 2011 acquired the Unimerco Group in Europe (now Kyocera Unimerco), including a fastening tool product line.