Tooling with Teudeloff and TIL

Two years on from Teudeloff’s merger with Birmingham’s Tooling International Limited (TIL), Torque speaks with Teudeloff Sales Manager Thomas Rapp for a trading update.

How’s business?

So far we are very happy with significant growth and many new customers spread out over all continents, but mostly in Europe, the USA and Far East, including Taiwan, China and Japan.

Teudeloff is a relatively young company but your customers are some of the biggest names in the business – how has Teudeloff achieved so much success in so short a time?

Indeed, we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary next year. Nevertheless, we rank among the best suppliers in recess pins and punches for the fastener industry. We have established ourselves to become number one in Europe and are main supplier to almost all big and notable fastener manufacturer at all of their worldwide locations.

Together with our production, TIL (Tooling International Limited in Birmingham UK), we focus on quality in geometry, tool life and delivery performance. With our very customer-oriented service we work out the fitting tool concept for each customer individually adapted to requirements concerning tooling, service, storage and logistics. Together Teudeloff and TIL have developed into a real power team.

What are the key elements of Teudeloff’s service?

Our key competence clearly lies in recess tooling like punches and pins for fasteners in cold forming: All geometries, Torx / Torx plus / Six lobe / Pozi / Phillips / Hexagonal / 12-Multi-point / Bi-hexagonal / Special etc. / as a standard or to a drawing, development and optimisation of tool life, optimisation of tool costs, optimisation of productivity in production, guaranteed tool supply, quick and reliable delivery times, storage and delivery concepts, OpTtool, etc.

For special fasteners, do you provide assistance throughout the whole process, including from the drawing board?

We prefer to be involved in the customer’s development early on, so we can introduce our experience right from the beginning. Whether it’s a new head geometry or a new recess development, we like helping our customers with successful implementation. This is how we’ve already co-designed individual and special recesses or new head geometries for a lot of notable fastener manufacturers. Our customers like to benefit from us as trustworthy development partners. Teudeloff became responsible for TIL (Tooling International Limited) sales worldwide last year.

How is that going?

In Europe, TIL and Teudeloff have already been working closely in partnership for over 25 years. In 2016 we decided to get even closer to merge and focus on our strengths. TIL mainly concentrates on production, R&D of pins, punches and holders now, to guarantee a consistent high quality as well as short, reliable delivery times.

Teudeloff takes care of customer service, business development, order management as well as the complete storage facilities and logistics. This way we can take precise and individual care of our customer’s requirements. This is important especially for big fasteners with many plants worldwide, so the same quality, goods and the same contact person will be available to them everywhere.

How does being part of the Würth Group benefit Teudeloff and your customers?

Luckily we have been part of the Würth group since 2005, so we can combine the advantages of a small 50-person family business and a big global player with over 70,000 employees. On the one hand we are small enough to take care of our customer’s wishes and requirements self-sufficiently, individually, flexible and quickly.

On the other hand, we have the support of a financially strong group, giving us the freedom and security for dynamics and development, as well as the trust of our customers in a secure and reliable tool supply for the future. We are especially proud of our Torx stock, which is the biggest in Europe, possibly even in the world. Almost all sizes and penetration depths in various materials and coatings are available and in stock. Among them is our top quality CodeT®.

Teudeloff is exhibiting at the Las Vegas-set International Fastener Expo 2018. Is it the first time?

We have been to the Las Vegas show many times as visitors, but it will be our first time as exhibitors at IFE Las Vegas. We are having a joint booth with our partner, Teudeloff / TIL and HTS – booth no. 1160 / 1158. We will be presenting the complete range “tooling for screw manufacturing / cold forming”. It is for our existing US customers and for the customers who are showing interest in our precise tools with extensive tool life. We are looking forward to many exciting and constructive conversations.

Looking ahead, what are the aims of Teudeloff?

We will do all that we can and work for the satisfaction of our customers every day with passion and lifeblood. We will fight tough but fair for every customer, every order and every delivery date. We will continue to transfer good results and conclusions to other customers, new projects and new products as well. And at the end we will see if we succeed in delighting our customers all over the world in the same very successful way as we did in Germany and Europe. Ask for CodeT* and order your individual test package for good tool life today.