TIMco invests in Quality Control facilities

TIMco has extended its UK quality control facilities for its growing product base and to provide customers with product training and testing facilities.

The independent wholesale supplier of screws, fixings and power tools accessories has spent out on the new QC facilities as part of its latest investment in a new 30,000 sq ft warehouse space.

The new QC facilities will provide additional quality control checks on products when they arrive in the UK. They are backed by QC facilities in its offices in the Far East that monitor the manufacturing process and ensure that no products are dispatched to the UK without effective checks.

On arrival to TIMco’s Cheshire offices, products then receive further testing before they are stored and distributed to customers. The new facilities include a range of technologies from salt spray test machines to devices that measure load and insertion speeds. Products that fail the tests at any stage are promptly removed from the supply chain, while products that pass the tests are then verified for use.

The new facilities also provide customers with the opportunity to visit TIMco’s offices to learn how products work and their best applications. TIMco aims to support customer’s employees, providing them with the knowledge to help them sell with more confidence. Research suggests, the firm said, that customers look for outlets that have knowledgeable and helpful staff.

“We’re committed to providing a broad range of high quality products to our customers and testing them effectively is a key part of delivering on our promises,” said TIMco MD Simon Midwood. “The new state-of-the-art facilities ensure that our standards remain high and also provide us with an opportunity to train customers on our latest products and their applications, which in turn improves their product knowledge and benefits end users. We strongly advise that customers utilise these facilities and services which we can offer.”

Over the last year, TIMco has increased its ranges to more than 6,500 products ranging from traditional fasteners and fixings through to gate hardware, building chemicals and adhesives to new and improved impact driver bits and associated builder’s products.