TIMco fixed on support for bee conservation

Construction industry wholesaler TIMco has partnered with local conservation organisation Bees In Our Community.

The project aims to bring over 300 bee hives into the local community and TIMco has supplied  25,000 screw stock items for hive construction.

Like TIMco, Bees In Our Community is based in Nantwich, Cheshire. Native Apis Mellifera Mellifera bees, suited to the Cheshire weather and conditions, play a key role in pollination and an estimated third of all foods consumed rely on bee pollination.

As well as keeping the project stocked with screws and fixing items, TIMco has contributed to the redesign of the hives so that they can be made from timber originally used in pallets – reducing the amount of timber recycled and cutting material cost to zero.

“We are excited to be supporting local initiatives such as Bees in Our Community and to be helping them with such a positive initiative,” said TIMco MD Simon Midwood. “As a ‘Founding Sponsor’, we look forward to continuing to support the organisation’s outstanding work and to help make a positive environmental impact within our local community. In the future, we hope to have some hives on TIMco’s land in order to bring our support for this cause to life.”

Karl Colyer of Bees In Our Community added: “As a not-for-profit business, every penny counts and is directed towards helping honeybees. The very generous supply of screws and several van loads of wood has really helped us provide quality hives for the bees.”

TIMco recently launched a First Aid range as part of its SHIELD brand.