The Construction Fixings Association on best fixings practice

The CFA works to achieve and maintain the highest level of quality and safety in the selection and installation of fixings in the UK…

Ensuring Best Fixings Practice is the primary objective of the Construction Fixings Association (CFA).

The non-profit making trade association works towards that goal through providing extensive technical information and advice, delivering Continued Professional Development (CPD) seminars and competency training to all parties involved in the process of selection, design, installation and certification (all in compliance to BS8539:2012).

The CFA’s mission to achieve and maintain the highest level of quality and safety in the selection and installation of fixings in the UK is driven by the use of approved and tested products through the European Technical Assessments and Euronorms. It’s also driven by British Standards in the UK, such as the BS Code of Practice BS85389 2012 “Code of practice of the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry”.

The CFA is not only a leading authority on construction fixings and fastenings in the UK but it is also comprised of the major manufacturers of construction fixings in Europe and with a significant UK presence.

It works with many organisations across the construction industry, from major contractors and industry bodies like CIRIA, NHBC and CITB to consulting engineering practices, and design organisations Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) and Institute of Structural Engineers (IStructE). Working with major contractors has involved the CFA carrying out presentations at large conference events including with Balfour Beatty, Costain and the Crossrail project. Other activities have taken place with meetings and presentations with NHBC, involvement in two working groups on anchors with CIRIA and discussion on anchor training courses with CITB.

The CFA’s work included seminars and competency training, working with the likes of engineering bodies like IStructE to deliver a session in their CPD training programme.

The CFA delivers CPD seminars in the areas of:

  • Appreciation of BS8539 with focus on the roles & responsibilities of a) Specifier b) Contractor c) Supervisor
  • Design and selection of anchors to EN 1992-4 (currently ETAG Annex C)
  • Understanding of anchor theory and influencing factors
  • The ETA approval system and anchor theory
  • Anchor installation principles and modes of failure (for supervisors)

To achieve the goal of creating high standards of safety and quality, the CFA’s certified training is aimed at creating competence in all aspects of the process and covers:

  • Theoretical and practical training in Installation of all anchor types
  • Proof Testing of anchors
  • Testing of anchors to calculate allowable loads
  • Understanding of anchor types and installation to supervise and certify completed installations

The CFA strives, through all of these daily activities, to raise the organisations’ profile as the expert body in the industry and to drive the message of quality and safety in all of its activities.