Teng Tools extends EVA tray line-up with 44 options

Teng Tools has unveiled further preset EVA tool tray systems as part of its new 2016 catalogue.

Available to the industry via IQ supplies, Teng is no stranger to systems that organise tools, including everything from socket sets in carrying cases or Monster tool kits with tool trays that interlock to become a complete organised system.

For industries where it is safety critical to see if any tools had not been returned to their correct place, Teng developed the EVA tool tray system with two colour foam inserts that were cut or ground out to fit each individual tool in a set.

The brand new 2016 catalogue includes a new extended range of preset EVA trays that have been developed in conjunction with key end users to give sets that cover all the most frequently used tools. The new range now includes 44 different options with different size trays designed to maximise the use of space and they can be used in almost unlimited configurations in top boxes, middle boxes or roller cabinets. The new catalogue also now includes a range of four suggested complete tool kits in top boxes, roller cabinets and stack systems giving recommended tool kits that can either be used as they are or changed around to suit more specific needs.

There are tailor-made EVA foam tray options too, with details in the 2016 Product Guide. For further details contact IQ Supplies via the web site (www.iqsupplies.com) or call on 01525 711500 in the UK or 01 8612125 in Ireland.