Sykes-Pickavant updates its best-selling pro torque wrench

Sykes-Pickavant has updated its best-selling torque wrench for 2017 with a larger scale and improved ergonomics.

The Motorq Push-Thru Professional Torque Wrenches have a 60% larger scale for improved accurate setting and better visibility. The firm said that there’s a superior, ergonomic handle and shape, so the wrench has a soft feel, high grip material and is more comfortable.

These new wrenches include a push/pull type lock for faster use and the coloured band on the lock clearly shows that the wrench is unlocked.

The new torque wrench also includes a new ‘Timestrip’ feature, providing a visual indication that the wrench is due for recalibration. Torque wrenches should be calibrated once a year as a minimum, Sykes-Pickavant said, more frequently in harsh environments and with high levels of usage. Timestrip features 3, 6, 9 and 12 month graduations.


The Motorq Push-Thru has a scale that adjusts 40% faster and the effort required to do so has been reduced. Improved serviceability means the wrench should have a longer life and reduced ownership costs, the brand said.

Sykes-Pickavant’s latest wrench is accurate to ±3% of reading which meets and exceeds ISO6789:2003.

Six versions of the Motorq are available:

  • Motorq 3/8″ Push-Thru (torque range 10-50 Nm/7.5-37.5 lbs.ft)
  • Motorq 1/2″ Push-Thru (torque range 20-100 Nm/15-75 lbs.ft)
  • Motorq 1/2″ Push-Thru (torque range 40-200 Nm/30-150 lbs.ft)
  • Motorq 1/2″ Push-Thru (torque range 60-300 Nm/50-220lbs.ft)
  • Motorq 1/2″ Push-Thru (torque range 60-340 Nm/50-250 lbs.ft)
  • Motorq 3/4″ Push-Thru (torque range 80-400 Nm/60-300 ibs.ft)

There’s more on the enhanced Motorq at the Sykes-Pickavant site.