Success for BHETA’s ‘Meet the Buyer’ day with Toolstation

BHETA’s most recent ‘Meet the Buyer’ day with trade counter operator for home improvement and building products, Toolstation, proved to be yet another success, the association has announced.

BHETA organised twenty-minute appointments between Toolstation’s buying team and a total of 55 potential suppliers pitching their ideas, showcasing product features and presenting cost price proposals.

The buying team were presented with over 100 new products for consideration, partnering with Philex to act as distributors to get suitable products in to Toolstation as quickly as possible.

Matt Nourse, Commercial Director at Toolstation, said: “Our latest ‘Meet the Buyer’ event was a valuable sourcing day to see 55 suppliers and over a hundred new products for the business to consider. Many of these will be listed in the very near futurem initially on our website, with the more successful products being made available in our stores.

“We committed the whole buying team to the day which proved to be an efficient use of their time. The day was both well organised and structured and we will be making this event a regular feature in our buying calendar.”

Paul Grinsell, DIY Sector Director for BHETA, said: “In the current economic climate, both buyers and sellers are under immense pressure and the demands on buyers’ time make meetings with new potential suppliers very difficult. In one day and in one place, Toolstation had 55 appointments with suppliers – something that, under normal circumstances, would take months to achieve.

“We are committed to providing our members with opportunities, such as our ‘Meet the Buyer’ events to help drive their business forward.”

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