STANLEY launches CribMaster ProStock Mini industrial vending machine

STANLEY-owned CribMaster has released a smaller version of its ProStock industrial vending machine for the distribution of tools, safety glasses, aerosols and other consumables.

The original ProStock comes as standard with 10 carousels vending up to 560 items. With the new ProStock mini there is the ability mix and match carousels and lockers to dispense up to 280 items at the point of use. Each self-calibrating carousel is configurable for custom section dimensions and can function as a main or auxiliary unit.

STANLEY CribMaster is an inventory management solution, with both software and hardware that fully automate the process of controlled inventory dispensing, stock re-orders and replenishment, tool calibration scheduling, tracking and locating consumables and tools.

Providing full visibility and control of consumables and tools in real-time, the machines provide workers 24/7 controlled access to materials and, according to CribMaster, reduce inventory spending by 25–45% in the first year.

Chris Magson, European Sales Director for STANLEY CribMaster, said: “The pie-shaped sections of the carousels in the ProStock allows facilities to accurately manage the distribution of hundreds of items to their workforce.

“The ProStock, with its high-capacity storage capability but small footprint, powered by STANLEY CribMaster software, can greatly improve workflow in any plant.”

Any time workers access the machine, they are required to identify themselves in the system, which then records and keeps accurate counts of item flow. When the stocks reach their pre-determined minimum, the system automatically places an order with the preferred supplier. Thanks to customisable settings, it is possible to limit the access by worker, by product type, by quantity and run your plant in a safer, smarter and more efficient way. In addition, managers automatically receive scheduled overstock, understock and dead stock reports, upcoming tool calibration alerts and can track their consumable spending by employee, job or time period for accounting and budgetary analysis to have a reliable intelligence that enables more informed purchasing decisions.