SPOTLIGHT on Gesipa’s Bird Pro battery riveting tools

Thanks to the launch of new tools in the Bird Pro series, Gesipa can now offer special tools as well as genuine all-rounders. Here, Gesipa runs through the advantages of its newest tool range…

The battery-powered riveting tools from the Bird Pro series can be used wherever cables or compressed air hoses are not wanted. For example, on building sites, in industry and in workshops. The cordless tools made in Walldorf, near Frankfurt in Germany, completely redefine the performance potential of battery-powered tools. They are impressively fast, powerful, versatile and reliable. With a total of four different types of tool, just about every application is covered.

With a setting speed surprisingly up to four times faster than standard tools available on the market, the AccuBird® Pro compares well with a pneumatic tool. An optional auto-reverse function also shortens the pulling process, making the AccuBird Pro ready to use even more quickly.

The PowerBird® Pro is the all-rounder in the series – fast, powerful and ideal even for long blind rivets. Its flexibility makes it a tried-and-tested solution just about everywhere.

When a little bit more is required, there is the PowerBird® Pro Gold Edition. With a setting force of 20,000 N, it can powerfully and rapidly process really large blind rivets, with reliability one at a time.

Gesipa Bird Pro bodyFor safety and faultless components, the PowerBird Pro Gold Edition with spring-loaded trigger system is ideal. It will ensure riveting that is gap-free and therefore always correct.

Common to all of them is the low-maintenance and virtually wear-free motor, a reliable charge indicator and well-targeted LEDs, which brightly light up the workpiece even in poor light conditions.

GESIPA® is the inventor of battery-powered riveting tools and for 25 years has provided freedom and flexibility for building sites, workshops and construction. The new tools in the BirdPro series now mean that special tools are available as well as genuine all-rounders, leaving nothing to be desired. An extensive range of accessories allows the tools to be individually adapted to overcome (almost) any challenge.

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