SPOTLIGHT: Gesipa’s solid rivets with value-added features

If you are looking for fastening solutions for high load constructions, then GESIPA’s Business Unit Solid Riveting may have the answer…

This Business Unit Solid Riveting based in Olpe, Germany develops bespoke solutions for demanding solid rivet applications in general industry, the commercial vehicle industry, and the automotive industry.

Solid rivet fasteners are ideally suited for highly‐loaded constructions since they join load‐bearing components in an optimal way.

Despite its high mechanical strength this fastener type allows to generate significant saving in terms of costs and weight as compared to threaded joints. In cooperation with its customers, the Business Unit Solid Riveting develops the rivet design tailored to the respective application. This does not only comprise the suitable material but also the required heat treatment and the joint strength values to be achieved. During development the special focus is on the ideal riveting process and respective corrosion protection which, of course, has to meet even the most demanding customer requirements with regard to the finished component. This means it has to last the entire component life.

The Business Unit “Solid Riveting” has state‐of‐the‐art cold forming presses which allow to produce rivet fasteners of up to 20 mm in diameter. Fully camera‐aided checking by the fastener features agreed as well as ISO/TS 16949 certification meet the high quality standards of the automotive industry.

Additional competence is provided by a thermal diffusion surface treatment facility that allows coating of fasteners to be used in the riveting process. The patented SheraBlack method developed by GESIPA® provides long‐term corrosion protection for rivets after the setting process and meets the demanding requirements of the commercial vehicle industry including required salt spray tests.

Due to its long‐standing and comprehensive competence in all areas of the riveting sector the GESIPA® group is able to continuously  improve and further develop solutions for fastening applications, also and especially under the aspect of profitability.