Southco launches next generation electronic rotary latch

Southco has expanded its electronic rotary locking line-up with its next generation R4-EM 9 Series.

Why next generation? The R4-EM 9 Series uses microprocessor controlled actuation designed to provide intelligent, reliable electronic access.

Microprocessors control all of the input and output commands for the 9 Series providing expanded programming capability and customisation of latch functionality. The lightweight design incorporates an integrated door sensor and extended housing for tamper resistance, while an integrated trigger sensor provides indisputable lock/unlock status reporting. The 9 Series is available with a “kick out” option that enables lightweight doors and drawers to pop open when the latch is unlocked, and a “pull open” style that detents the cam in the fully closed or open position.

General Manager Steve Spatig said: “Southco’s R4-EM 9 Series Electronic Rotary Latch incorporates enhanced electronic intelligence along with additional mechanical features, making it an ideal solution for applications that require enhanced remote physical security, such as parcel lockers, medical dispensing equipment and other self-service kiosks.”