Sariv installs two new thread rolling machines

Italian fastener producer Sariv has expanded its production line with two new thread rolling machines, going from seven to nine machines in total.

Increasing the firm’s production capacity and satisfying increasing demand for these types of rivets, Sariv said the machines had been installed this year.

The grooving in blind rivets ensures higher anchoring capacity and better mechanical performances, as found in Sariv’s multigrip rivets, grooved rivets and structural rivets.

The grooving in blind rivets, i.e. the threaded surface in rivet bodies and mandrels, provides the rivets with a higher anchoring capacity and better mechanical performances.

Sariv said structural blind rivets are becoming an increasingly important part of the volume of items purchased by its customers: “Their grooved mandrel plays an active role in the application by remaining locked inside the rivet body: this provides the highest mechanical performances ever among all blind rivets.”

Sariv installed a new quality laboratory last year and has experimented with adding plants into its production halls.