Sariv clears the air with plants in its rivet production halls

Blind rivet and fastening solution provider Sariv has brought in two environmentally-friendly initiatives to its workplace, including a greener washing system and the installation of plants on the production line.

Previously, Sariv used water to degrease products. As of a few months ago, Sariv installed a vacuum cleaning machine which separates the mechanical oil from the washing solvent, so that it can be reused in the process. The innovative washing system has completely removed water from degreasing.

The use of modified alcohol allows low environmental impact and waste elimination: it can be vacuum distilled between 90° and 100°, then recovered through a double distillation unit that removes it completely from the oil. Through the method, Sariv obtains distilled oil and alcohol that can be reused in a new degreasing process.

The second recent green initiative from the Sariv, Italy-based company is the enrichment of its production facility with plants. Plants have been installed in each department of the Sariv production chain, and if the plants themselves are well, it means that the air of that department is healthy and Sariv’s operators are working in a healthy environment.

The company recently installed a thermal insulation façade made of an environmentally-friendly material and makes use of renewable energy sources at its HQ.

Sariv appeared at this week’s debut Fastener Poland show.