RS Components takes on Norbar distribution

RS Components is now stocking selected torque tools and torque measurement equipment from Norbar, following a distribution agreement.

The trading brand of Electrocomponents plc, RS Components is a global multi-channel distributor, offering more than 500,000 industrial and electronic products from 2,500 suppliers, with operations in 32 countries.

Norbar torque wrenches available from RS cover torque values from 1 N·m to 2000 N·m, in adjustable and pre-set versions, as well as torque handles for interchangeable fittings up to 650 N·m. Norbar offers various ranges of torque wrenches for industrial applications with an accuracy of up to ±3%, and an electronic torque wrench with accuracy up to ±1%. Product features include tethering for safe work at height, interchangeable bits, and non-length-dependent models for use with or without an extension handle. Special variants include insulated wrenches meeting IEC 60900 live-working standards and non-magnetic wrenches for safety near permanent magnets or in strong electromagnetic fields.

There is also a selection of torque screwdrivers that aids repeatable assembly of mechanisms and electronic products, enclosures, test gear and general mechanical production. The range includes adjustable models and pre-settable versions that prevent unintended adjustment in production scenarios. These high-quality tools are engineered for ease of use and long-lasting accuracy – meeting the new ISO 6789 standard – and come with a traceable calibration certificate. These screwdrivers cover torque ranges up to 53 and some include boxed kits that contain Torx bits and hex bits.

The portfolio from Norbar also includes manual torque multipliers, which increase the torque that can be easily and accurately applied by the user. This simplifies input-output calculations for consistent assembly and are accurate up to ±4%.

A selection of tool accessories, such as stepless ratchets and protractors for torque wrenches, extensions and reaction plates for torque multipliers, and replacement parts, is also available.

In addition to the high-quality torque wrenches and multipliers, RS is also able to offer Norbar torque transducers in various mounting styles, as well as torque-measurement instruments for purposes such as data logging and tool calibration.

RS said: “Norbar has a distinguished history spanning 75 years of advanced engineering and torque innovation. Teaming up with Norbar, as torque specialist partner, enables RS to deepen its support for exacting industrial sectors such as aerospace, manufacturing and assembly, transportation, energy, oil and gas, and mining.”