Roughneck raises the bar with next gen Gorilla range

Hand tool and workwear distributor Olympia Tools has launched a new and next generation version of its popular Roughneck Gorilla Bar Pro, promising enhanced strength, performance and quality.  

The new Roughneck Gorilla Bar Pro has a shank which is smaller in diameter whilst maintaining strength, reducing weight and user fatigue after extended periods of use.

The strength of the bar is further enhanced thanks to being made from chrome vanadium steel, drop forged, heat treated and tempered along the entire tool length. By comparison, most other wrecking bars are only hardened and tempered at the ends, said the brand, adding that it can cope with extreme loads without deforming or breaking.

The new tool also has wider jaws than other wrecking bars, Olympia said, ensuring that any pressure created when the tool is used for prising is spread over a greater area, minimising indentations, marks and the risk of damage to work surfaces.

“The Roughneck Gorilla Bar Pro builds on the phenomenal success of the Roughneck Gorilla Bar,” explained Vahe Der Kureghian, Purchasing and Marketing Director at Olympia Tools. “It was originally developed for the Scandinavian market which expects and demands some of the highest specifications tools anywhere in the world. It’s nothing short of a truly top end product.”

The new Roughneck Gorilla Bar Pro aesthetics have also been enhanced – the top of the bar and both ends are polished whilst the entire range is supplied with attractive clamshell packaging for maximum impact at the point of sale.

Vahe Der Kureghian added: “We’re genuinely excited about the launch of the Roughneck Gorilla Bar Pro. It represents a new chapter for an already highly successful product and opens up some exciting possibilities for us as a business as well as for our stockists and their customers.” 

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