REYHER has kanban in its sights with new pistol grip scanner

REYHER has launched a new mobile data acquisition terminal for capturing kanban orders. Thanks to the Android operating system and high-resolution 5” display, the ROM – REYHER Order Management barcode scanner is a more convenient and efficient tool for C-part management.

With the handheld scanner, ROM users can work ergonomically in different positions. The Android-based interface and sharp, easy-to-read display facilitates intuitive handling with large keys, which can be used when wearing protective gloves or with wet hands. For added convenience, the virtual scan head can be placed in many positions on the user interface. Alternatively the user can use a hardware button on the side of the scanner.

The articles scanned are then listed clearly on the display. By tapping the relevant function key and authorising with a password, the order is triggered and sent directly to REYHER via a mobile radio connection. If required, an order number is generated and used in the document flow.

Flexibility and personalisation 

To make use of the hand scanner as ergonomically as possible, REYHER has added an alternative to the hand strap to ensure good handling, using a pistol grip that can be triggered, with a button, by the index finger. It is just as easy to use for both right and left-handers, REYHER said.

Suitable for industrial use, Honeywell hybrid equipment ScanPal EDA50 is fitted with a 5” capacitive touchscreen, as well as current mobile technology. The open operating system makes it possible, if required, to change the application settings. Corning Gorilla Glass and IP54 degree of protection ensure robustness in an industrial setting. The wide operating temperature range stretches from -10 to +50°C while battery runtime is 12 hours. The scanner can be recharged using the charging station provided.