Power tools sales rise for Makita

Net sales grew 11.6% for Makita in Q2 (three months ending 30 June 2017).

Sales reached 113,064 million yen, up from 101,276 million yen in Q2 2016, like-for-like.

Makita noted gradually recovering economies in developed countries – and uncertainties around the “international political situation and policies”. However, emerging countries saw their economies steadily grow on the whole, supported by robust domestic demand and increased exports to developed countries, Makita added.

In other news from the tool manufacturer, Makita’s USA branch expanded its distribution and training capabilities with a new Dallas-area facility – the company’s fourth in the US. According to Joe Blackwell, VP Operations, Makita USA is seeing more demand which is pushed “current operations to the limit. The new facility gives us more space and increased operations to meet the needs of our customers.”

Q2 net sales results by region:

Net sales in Japan increased 14.9% to 19,516 million yen compared to the same period of the previous year. This was due to robust sales of power tools and gardening equipment, mainly lithium-ion battery products.

Net sales in Europe increased 11.7% to 48,340 million yen. This was due to a rise in sales in almost all areas, centering on the UK and Germany.

Net sales in North America increased 5.7% to 16,942 million yen, supported by increased sales to home improvement stores amid intensifying competition.

Net sales in Asia increased by 17.0% to 10,889 million yen. This was due to recovery of sales in China.

Sales situations in other regions wereas follows: Net sales in Central and South America, where the Brazilian economy showed signs of breaking out from stagnation, increased by 25.3% to 6,464 million yen. Net sales in Oceania, where lithium-ion battery products sold well, increased by 22.5% to 7,311 million yen. Meanwhile, net sales in the Middle East and Africa, where a fall in crude oil prices affected the economy and political uncertainty continued, decreased by 21.0% to 3,602 million yen.



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