Plasterboard/dot & dab fixing Corefix transfers the load to the block work

Construction material supplier Metex’s Corefix has been designed for fixing heavy items for dot and dab walls.

Corefix consists of a patented polypropylene wall plug, heavy duty steel core and screw, with the set bridging the plasterboard cavity and transferring the load from the plasterboard to the block work behind.

Corefix uses a steel sleeve that fits inside the plastic plug, preventing deformation and bending.

The fixing can support substantial loads, having been independently tested and certified to a safe working load of 100kgs using just four fixings in fact in-house tests have securely supported 250kgs, according to the brand.

Suitable for most modern homes with plasterboard / dot & dab walls, fast installation is promised, with no specialist tools required.

For all wall types, brick, block and lightweight concrete, Corefix was developed to safely secure wall hung kitchen cabinets but it will support the likes of wall hung cabinets, large screen TVs, boilers, radiators, sanitary ware & heavy duty shelving.

Available from big retailers like Ironmongery Direct and Screwfix, Corefix has been in the market for a couple of years.