Optimas launches German Distribution Centre to handle growing demand

Schwalbach, Saarland, is the site of a new 20,000m² warehouse and office facility for Optimas Solutions.

The custom-built facility will increase capacity and productivity for logistical services to customers in Germany and surrounding countries.

In addition to a large loading and unloading yard, the warehouse has capacity for 16,000 pallets using high racks and automated vertical storage.

Located in an industrial area of Saarland, the location was chosen to maximise delivery links throughout Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Eastern Europe.

“Optimas offers a global service for customers, so it’s vital that we invest in a network of distribution centers to ensure that all of our partners benefit from local support and expertise,” said Optimas CEO Anesa Chaibi. “Germany is an extremely important market to us, and we are committed to continuously improve to support our customers.”

The company’s roots Optimas can be traced to Camille Gergen in 1946, a supplier of screws, standard parts and connectors to industrial manufacturers. Since then, Optimas was established via acquisition of supply and manufacturing specialists from all over the world. Many current Optimas employees worked for Camille Gergen prior to the acquisition, including Vice President for Northern Europe, David Kessler: “The new facility represents a new chapter. The investment allows us to continue to work in partnership with our customers as their own businesses continue to expand.

“With over four hundred million parts moving through Germany every year, it’s important that our distribution and logistical capabilities are operationally excellent. A lot of hard work has gone into the build and I’d like to thank the team in Germany and worldwide for their support in making the move happen seamlessly for our partners.”

Optimas Solutions is a global service provider and distributor of fasteners and c-class components offering a full suite of services including design and engineering, supply chain management, logistical support, direct line feed and local inventory support. Its engineers work with OEM and tier 1 suppliers across industries as diverse as automotive, agricultural, medical equipment and off-highway vehicles.


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