Swedish fastener firm ESSVE to make Cologne Hardware Fair debut

Nordic fastener firm ESSVE is launching its ESSBOX System globally at Cologne’s International Hardware Fair in March 2018.

The nearly 50-year history of ESSVE includes a number of innovative products that have been used by hundreds of thousands of craftsmen in the Nordics. The ESSBOX System, launched five years ago, has been key to the firm’s success and it will be launched globally in spring at the show.

Essbox is an integrated fastening system and since it launched in 2012, the green ESSBOX case has sold over 200,000 units and increased sales by 150% in Northern Europe. Today, 500 million ESSVE screws are sold every year, or 61 per second.

Johan Cederstrand, International Sales Manager and Deputy CEO at ESSVE, said: “With the launch of ESSBOX System things really exploded, we went from being part of the crowd to become the market leader within fastening solutions in the Nordics. There is nothing like it on the market.”

ESSVE has a long tradition of developing new, innovative products together with professional craftsmen. Today, as many as one third of ESSVE’s employees work with innovation and product development, and the assortment is filled with fastening solutions. The wide range includes everything from traditional nails and screws to innovative solutions for heavy-duty fastening in wood, concrete and steel.

“Our strength is our constant focus on the end-user, their experience and challenges,” said Cederstrand.

During the last five-year period, ESSVE’s turnover has increased by 17% annually to approximately one billion SEK. The firm believes the growth is thanks in part to its close collaboration with retailers. As ESSVE offers a wide assortment of fastening solutions (around 5,000 articles) and serves as a partner to its retailers, supporting the development of their business, it says.

Now ESSVE is looking to make the Nordic success a global success story. The international launch takes place at the International Hardware Fair in hall 5.2 stand B030-C031 and will also see the debut of what the firm says is “the world’s best wooden screw”.

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