Metabo collaborates to produce joint battery pack system

Nine power tool manufacturers, including Metabo, have signed up to a joint battery pack system called the Cordless Alliance System (CAS), in an unprecedented industry first.

Metabo, in conjunction with Rothenburger, Mafell, Eisenblatter, Collomix, Haaga, Starmix, Eibenstock and Steinel, has developed a manufacturer-independent battery pack system.

The basis of CAS is Metabo’s battery pack technology, utilising the its 2nd generation Metabo 18V LiHD battery packs which delivers around 1,600Wh. The manufacturer claim the battery is compatible with over 110 machines.

According to Metabo, its customers wanted the flexibility to be able to work with only one battery pack system that would fit the machines of different manufacturers. This isn’t an issue for mains-powered machines, as the socket is the universal interface of all manufacturers. However, battery pack systems of individual manufacturers have been largely incompatible with each other until now.

Metabo has said it can now build any hand-held power tool as a cordless machine in such a way that it meets the requirements of professional users in terms of power and endurance, and flexibility.

The joint battery system allows cordless working paired with the ability to combine machines of different manufacturers. Being part of CAS, professionals are able to recognise which manufacturers work with the same battery pack system and are therefore compatible.

The Global power tool manufacturer has over 30 years experience in battery manufacturing.