New Hamburg facility will boost UK service, says tesa

tesa has added a new facility at its European HQ which will significantly enhance customer service from tesa UK, the firm has said.

The new European Application Solution Centre (ASC), based in Norderstedt, Hamburg, will boost the dedicated service offered to customers, taking the benefits of technical analysis, laboratory testing and ‘solution selling’ direct to the customers’ premises in the latest addition to the tesacohesion programme.

tesa explained: “Tesa customer service –  which aims to maximise value through people, products, processes and performance – has always acknowledged the need to offer customers a dedicated service which recognises that every product application has its own unique profile, demanding an individual response.

“The newly created ASC combines the collective experience of all the key European markets in pursuing this goal. With the transfer of existing application and product knowledge, tesa will be able to cross-fertilise its market intelligence, technical know-how and end user feedback to identify the best technical tape solution based on all the data available.”

Norderstedt HQ

tesa operates an outreach programme to customers that includes training, site visits and direct access to the ASC hub. The product development and deployment stages of new application work will see a rapid and focused response from the business, tesa added.

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