Mecavit sees orders rise as Far East lead times increase

Mecavit Srl produces fasteners in Italy’s North, near Bologna, in the industrial area of Castel Guelfo, including standard unified and special screws for virtually every industrial sector, made of high resistance carbon steel and stainless steel.

The Italian manufacturer has seen orders increase this year, thanks in part to those extended Far East lead times, while strong long-term relationships with suppliers have helped the firm manage the well-publicised raw material price rises faced by the entire fastener industry.

Over half of Mecavit’s production is destined for overseas markets, including the rest of the EU, Russia and Extra- European Countries. Key markets served include mechanical, aerospace, home appliances and automotive. The latter is hugely important to Mecavit, representing almost one third of its business. Mecavit’s automotive business is handled via distribution, rather than directly with OEMs. But manufacturers and distributors alike are welcome to visit Mecavit and partner together on finalising designs, materials and tolerances.

Mecavit produces a wide assortment of standard parts, and 4,000 pallets of unified screws (DIN, UNI and ISO) in stock, ready for delivery.

Mecavit’s production halls were expanded in 2009 and now occupy 3,500m², alongside 3,000m² of warehouse for raw  materials, finished areas and a covered area for shipments. The halls feature everything from 17 cold forging machines and automated production lines to its in-house heat treatment line where it can monitor the process closely. In addition to heat treatments, Mecavit can provide other technical or protective treatments, such as Zinc Nickel black, Threadlocker and mechanical galvanising. Mecavit’s own systems monitor production for traceability, checking each individual screw throughout different phases of deformation and at the end of the production cycle. Advanced sorting machines automatically check screws according to set parameters and tolerances, backed by a Quality Lab. The Lab can run many types of tests, including mechanical strength, geometry verification and certification of surface coatings for corrosion resistance.

Back in 2017, the Italian government launched its Industrial Plan 4.0, a national programme offering tax incentives to industry to encourage investment in new technology and to attract investment cash from overseas. Mecavit used the opportunity to complement its Industry 4.0 manufacturing capabilities, bringing in two additional sorting machines, one thread rolling machine and one multi-station machine.

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