Makita Power Tools gets behind Formula Student team

Power tool firm Makita has lent its support to Team Bath Racing Electric, supplying it with a comprehensive inventory of Lithium-ion powered cordless tools to help its car build programme.

Team Bath Racing Electric is a newly formed collective taking part in this year’s Formula Student contest at Silverstone on 14th July. Up to 150 teams from Universities across Europe will design, build, test and race cars in the competition.

The Team formed just six months ago and fast-tracked their first car build, a process that usually takes 18 months, we’re told. Thanks to the provision of an existing rolling chassis from the Internal Combustion engine team at Bath, the newly assembled Electric Team has succeeded in their ambition to get the car to the start line for this year’s event. Inspectors then examine the cars to check they comply to regulations and are safe to race.

“We have received great support from many high tech companies,” said Guy Barkley, leader of the Team’s business sector. “Without this level of practical support in terms of materials, components and products such as these excellent Makita tools, we would not have achieved this outstanding target. Now Team Bath Racing Electric is in good shape for the future and the new members coming into the team for the next season can advance the design and build programme to hopefully have a winning car for 2017.”

Mak1638 The Team Bath Racing Electric entry for Formula Student

Alex Keane, Team leader, added: “Thanks to the support of our industrial sponsors, the hard work of every member of the team and the encouragement of our Head of Department, we have actually achieved a small miracle in getting this chassis mobile in six months,”


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