Magni, Böllhoff and Reinhardt to participate in 3rd Corrosion Forum

The third Corrosion Forum is tabled to take place 18-19 April 2018, coinciding with World Corrosion Awareness Day.

The Forum has been designed to provide a broad overview on research activities within the Magni Group, on its state-of-the-art coating solutions, new standards and bolt connection technologies in relation to coating systems.

Taking place in Schorndorf, the event is pitched as an expert forum designed to provide a platform for sharing expertise and best practices.

Magni General Manager Dr. Gunter Hieber said: “Whether you work in the coating industry, the automotive or chemical sectors or in engineering or construction, you will be concerned with finding practical and efficient solutions to this problem [corrosion of connecting elements] in your field.”

There are more details on the Corrosion Community site.