Lee Spring’s new catalogue packs in over 3,000 new products

Over 3,000 new products have been added to Lee Spring’s UK line-up, with the new catalogue featuring over 23,000 standard industrial springs.

Additions to the range include 3 new torsion spring variants with 120°, 210° and 300° leg endings – there are now 7 free angle options from 90° to 360°. More Die Springs have been added throughout the range; especially notable being extra sizes over 6″ free length up to 12″ long and with the same Lee Spring powder coating finish for enhanced protection.

Stainless steel compression spring options are also expanded in AISI 316 for excellent corrosion resistance in this stock range all included with ground ends. Extension spring options are also expanded in music wire and stainless steel materials offering shorter and longer lengths in classic stocking series.

Specialist additions include new Lite Pressure Springs in larger diameters and a wider selection of pressure specifications to offer even more choice to fine tune spring responsiveness for light pressure applications.

Additionally, Lee Spring has included a new range of military-grade MIL-SPEC springs in both compression and extension types in 4 material and finish options: unplated music wire, cadmium-plated music wire, zinc-plated music wire, and passivated stainless steel.

The Lee Spring UK catalogue is available directly 0118 978 1800 or sales@leespring.co.uk.