Lee Spring expands Lite Pressure Spring Series at Hannover

Lee Spring, a global leader in stock and custom springs, has announced an expansion to its Lite Pressure™ stock compression spring series.


Shown at the Hannover Messe in April, the  Lite Pressure compression spring series consists of compression springs that offer responsive action under light load conditions. The product line expansion adds more choice of springs with larger outside diameters and even lighter pressure springs, with new springs now available in 1 psi, 2 psi, 3 psi and 4 psi ranges. The full series now includes springs in the 1 psi to 15 psi range with incremental choices in between for applications such as relief/check valves, pistons, motor brushes and contacts, displays, syringes, toys and dispensers.


The Lite Pressure compression spring series is ideal when a relatively low spring rate or workable load is needed in dimensions not normally available in a conventional compression spring. This makes the Lite Pressure series more responsive or sensitive to lighter loads than conventional compression springs. The springs are made of passivated and ultrasonically cleaned Stainless Steel type 316 for excellent corrosion resistance. “By expanding our stock range and having more selection in inventory, we are eliminating the need for a customer to wait on a custom designed spring” states Lee Spring CEO Steve Kempf. Steve continues “having a product that can meet a very specific need in stock and available for shipment is a great advantage to an engineer or buyer that is trying to test or source a product”.


Also shown at Hannover was LeeP™ Plastic Composite Spring technology, alongside many new introductions including a thousand new standard catalogue products and new variants of Torsion springs, now available in seven free angle selections from 90° to 360°. New Die Springs have been added throughout the range, including more free length options over 6″ (152.4mm) and an  expanded line-up of Stainless Steel 316 compression springs is available, providing excellent corrosion resistance with ex-stock availability.