International Hardware Fair Cologne preview: pgb-Europe & Beck

We preview some of the fastener products and companies you can expect to find in Cologne…


pgb‐Polska and pgb‐Europe will be prominently represented again in Cologne, in HALL 5.2, stand D034. Visitors are kindly invited to the pgb booth to see all of the company’s product lines and services as well as new launches.

That product range includes pgb‐fasteners: a full range of high quality fasteners according to DIN, ISO and EN standards, such as structural bolts (SB‐EN 15048), hexagon head screws, nuts, washers, rivets, common nails, etc. pgb also stocks pfs‐screws: a complete range of professional wood screws available in attractive packing, with CE marking. Pgb’s high quality nylon, steel and chemical anchors (covered by ETA assessments) will feature too, as will its free professional calculation software.

So, what’s new for the pgb line‐up? Firstly, there is Hapax, high quality solutions for invisible and visible fastening of wooden decks. In addition there is a diverse range of Hapax wedges and tools for the accurate, fast and professional construction of wooden decks.

Finally, there is PHC Fasteners ltd: At the end of 2016, pgb opened its brand new wood screw factory in Ho‐Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In this brand new 20,000m² industrial complex pgb is producing its CE‐marked drywall screws and wood screws (carbon steel), with 85 heading and threading machines and a production capacity of 500t/month.


From the start of this year, construction staples from the BECK Fastener Group are certified as construction products across Europe with European Technical Approval (ETA). The corresponding BECK staples bear the CE mark and the suffix ETA‐17/0777.

The European Technical Approval certifies proof the construction product is valid in all member states of the EU. The ETA completely replaces the general building inspectorate approval (building approval, for short) in accordance with DIN 1052. It confirms the suitability for use of BECK construction staples for load‐bearing connections even under the influence of permanent tensile and shear forces.

Resin‐coated BECK staples with the wire diameters 1.51mm, 1.78mm and 2.00mm up to a length of 170mm were tested and approved. The certified staples are made from stainless steel (material 1.4301) or from galvanised round steel with a coating thickness of 12μm.

The evaluation procedures necessary for the approval were performed by the German Institute for Construction Engineering (DIBt) in Berlin. In contrast to the German building inspectorate approval, the ETA makes higher demands on the properties and evaluation method for the tested fasteners, so says BECK.

Thanks to the innovative BECK Diamond Coating, the BECK construction staples far surpassed the demanded test values during the continuous load exposure time and at an elevated temperature of 60°C. The Diamond Coating is developed by the BECK Fastener Group that offers a significant increase in the holding power of fasteners in wood‐to‐wood joints. This is made possible by the patented formulation that determines the ratio of resins to fillers in the coating.


Nordic fastener firm ESSVE is debuting at Cologne with the global launch of its ESSBOX System.

The nearly 50‐year history of ESSVE includes a number of innovative products that have been used by hundreds of thousands of craftsmen in the Nordics. The ESSBOX System, launched five years ago, has been key to the firm’s success and it will be launched globally in spring at the show. Essbox is an integrated fastening system and since it launched in 2012, the green ESSBOX case has sold over 200,000 units and increased sales by 150% in Northern Europe. Today, 500 million ESSVE screws are sold every year, or 61 per second.

Now ESSVE is looking to make the Nordic success a globalsuccess story. The international launch takes place at the International Hardware Fair in hall 5.2 stand B030‐C031 and will also see the debut of what the firm says is “the world’s best wood screw”.

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