HiKOKI Power Tools’ new 36V Cordless Disc Grinder is cut out for 29 Nm

HiKOKI Power Tools’ latest launch promises the power of a corded tool and more in a cordless and lightweight package, enhanced with added safety elements.

HiKOKI’s G3623DA Multi Volt 36V Cordless Disc Grinder comes with a brake system that shortens the time between turning off the tool and the motor stopping as well as other safety features like a specially designed structure that hinders separation of the wheel while braking.

The cordless grinder is equipped with a high-power Multi Volt battery and an efficient brushless motor. When it comes to grinding steel, the G3623DA beats the HiKOKI G23SU AC model, with a thrust of 29N, using a ø230mm depressed centre wheel and has the same mortar cutting speed too.

The grinder is also dust and water-resistant, offers overload and anti-restart protection, a soft start function and Auto Mode too. It comes backed by a three-year warranty, subjects to Ts and Cs.

It’s the latest tool to be launched by the company formerly known as Hitachi Power Tools. Earlier this year we set Peter Brett to review a number of the firm’s tools under its new name in our Torque Tested feature and even turned the camera on one of those: