HECO now features on AUSSCHREIBEN.DE

HECO products can now be found at online platform AUSSCHREIBEN.DE, a web tool designed to help planners and architects find the right products faster and plan easier.

The site aims to enable planners and architects to save time preparing tender texts and bills of quantities. HECO product details are to be made available on AUSSCHREIBEN.DE, including all HECO’s ​​constructive timber construction and concrete fastening products.

HECO has provided product images, dimensional drawings, performance declarations and approvals for each fastener. This provides architects, planners and specialist companies with all planning-relevant information on the individual HECO screws in a complete and up-to-date form. For the planner, this saves time since all HECO text templates can be easily imported into the tendering programs and processed there. This is made possible by the download function of the texts in the GAEB format relevant for planners or in the standard ÖNORM format in Austria.

Likewise, product information can be exported, among other things, as a PDF, Excel or Word file, making it freely accessible. Since many architects, planners and craftsmen programs have their own interface to AUSSCHREIBEN.DE, the documents can also be imported directly from there.

“Our design program HCS has been used very intensively by our customers for many years,” explained Andreas Hettich, Head of Product Management and Marketing at HECO. “With our connection to AUSSCHREIBEN.DE we take another step to offer you the greatest possible service and added value. We will continue to do so in the future.”

The use of the platform AUSSCHREIBEN.DE is free and accessible without registration. Currently, more than 550 manufacturers offer tender texts. If planners, architects or craftsmen are looking for screws, they can, for example, filter them according to product types and specific applications. At a glance, the platform provides all providers who have fastening solutions in their product range. The planner then arrives at the profile of the desired manufacturer, which contains not only a company portrait but also the product portfolio together with information about the individual screws. In many cases, the entry is supplemented by additional planning-relevant information such as European Technical Assessments or technical drawings.

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