Gesipa Keighley: New blind rivet nut machines and WinTech

Following investment, GESIPA® Keighley, West Yorkshire has strengthened its capabilities as a GESIPA Group Centre of Excellence for fastening technologies.

GESIPA has centralised its production of threaded inserts and carried out a gradual transition of the product range from catalogue parts to specialised products. Growth of GESIPA has been evident in terms of bespoke blind rivets nuts and rivet nut studs manufacturing – today around 430 special types of blind rivets nuts and 30 different varieties of rivet nut studs are manufactured at GESIPA. This is to be further enhanced with the capabilities of new blind rivet nut machines which are now lined up in corporate blue and yellow colours and producing blind rivet nuts and rivet nut studs from thread sizes M4 up to M12.

GESIPA said: “Manufacturing with variations such as a hexagonal body – giving higher torque to turn, square body – to form a secure lock, profile body – giving a pivot point, wedge head – to provide higher torque to turn in softer materials and large flange – providing larger load baring surfaces, there is always a possible variant available to fit specific customer application requirements.”

Furthermore with its latest multi-window process control technology, WinTech, GESIPA is now able to guarantee that the right rivet nuts and nut studs are placed in the right place and in the right quantity in safety critical applications.


The setting process is evaluated with the aid of position and force sensors as well as integrated electronic circuitry. Up to three evaluation windows can be configured with special setup software. A coloured LED on the tool shows the result of setting process monitoring. With a data line, the values can also be recorded and further processed. If an irregularity is detected, the process is immediately stopped. It is only after the customer has acknowledged the malfunction that the process can continue – making human error more or less impossible.

GESIPA produces hundreds of millions of threaded fasteners per year and serves different industries supporting various applications across the globe.

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