GebuVolco acquires 6 machines in manufacturing capacity boost

GebuVolco has expanded its machinery capacity significantly over the last seven months, with six new machines, including eccentric presses for fabricating U-brackets and studs.

In June, the Netherlands firm added four tilting eccentric presses of 35-50 tons impact force. The investment means GebuVolco can serve customers faster and more efficiently, particularly in the supply of customised U-brackets.

More recently, in September GebuVolco acquired two unique used machines with which fully automatic studs can be manufactured. Thanks to the acquisition, production of M5, M6, M8, M10 and M12 studs in small or large series has been considerably expanded, shortening delivery times from the firm.

GebuVolco is based in Hellevoetsluis, supplying fasteners, ironware, dust masks, tools and hangerbolts.