France’s F.T.V. to merge with Belgium’s Visserie Guerry

F.T.V. (Fixations Techniques de Vireux) is to join forces with Visserie Guerry.

France-based F.T.V. and Belgium’s Visserie Guerry will merge operations to offer customers enhanced services and technical expertise. The two production sites will be brought together in Vireux, France, close to the Belgian border. This will be done with a majority of the current Visserie Guerry staff and most of the existing machinery in order to safeguard the retention of knowledge and experience.

Dejond originally acquired Visserie Guerry in 2015. Over a year ago, Dejond got in contact with F.T.V. CEO Mrs V Rodrigues da Silva. Both parties noticed synergies between F.T.V. and Dejond’s screw-producing subsidiary Visserie Guerry, based near Brussels with an experienced team of 15 people. Following the discussions, it became obvious that a merger between Visserie Guerry and F.T.V. could create new opportunities, a statement said.

The move will result in a bigger sized enterprise, specialised in the manufacture of technical parts within efficient lead times:

  • a dimensional range from ø 2 mm till ø 27 mm / length up to 300 mm,
  • a complete production volume capacity for small and medium, as well as larger volume series,
  • cold forming mastership in steel, stainless steel, cupper, brass and aluminium,
  • production capability for hollow parts and screws with captive washers,
  • both companies are ISO9001 certified since many years and EN9100 certification is planned,
  • an expanded international presence.

The new and independent group has the ambition to serve its customers and meet their expectations, whether they are of a technical nature or service related. This will result in a more solid industrial corporation for all customers in businesses such as energy, railways, automotive, defence, aeronautics and construction, the firm said.

CEO Dejond nv Bernard Delbaere commented: “Although F.T.V. is completely independent from Dejond, we strongly believe that it will be a solid partner for joint Dejond-F.T.V. developments giving a solution for some of the complex fastening challenges our customers are presenting us.”