FOCUS on fastener drive tools: BECK, Stahlwille, TRUMPF, Knipex and TIMco

Collated wooden nails, category-busting electromechanical torque screwdrivers, driver bits and power tools innovation all feature in this month’s round-up of fastener drive tools and collated systems.


BECK’s LignoLoc is reportedly the first collated nail made of wood. Designed for industrial production and ecological timber construction (among other applications), the revolutionary wooden nails are made from indigenous beech wood, boasting a tensile strength similar to aluminium nails.

Already being employed as a successful alternative to aluminium nails in CLT production in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, LignoLoc nails blend harmoniously into the overall appearance. The material similarities have thermal benefits, preventing thermal bridges, and during the bonding process in the vacuum press, the layers are protected from slipping the vacuum film from damage due to protruding nails.

LignoLoc can be used as an alternative to aluminium nails or wooden dowels in CLT production, thereby offering a material equivalent and quick joining of the layers. Furthermore, pallets nailed with LignoLoc are easier to recycle at the end of their service life. Free from steel, they can be chopped up and recycled with greatly reduced tool wear.

LignoLoc wooden nails are shot in pneumatically, completely eliminating the need for any additional pre-drilling, such as that for wooden dowels, which in turn saves time and money. LignoLoc wooden nails conserve tools and saw blades when post-processing wooden components in prefabricated buildings.


We’ve had hand screwdrivers and power/electrical screwdrivers but as of 2018, we now have electromechanical screwdrivers, thanks to STAHLWILLE. The Red Dot Design Award winning Torsiotronic combines the accuracy of electronic measurement with the convenience of the ‘click’ from mechanical trigger mechanisms. This torque screwdriver is a market-first, boasting a patented trigger system, based on a ball mechanism, which trips with audible and tactle signals when the target torque is reached.

Crucially, the tool measures as accurately as only an electronic torque tool can. The fine-tooth ratchet, a wide range of programming options and a micro-USB interface make the TORSIOTRONIC an ideal tool for logging work steps, applying very small torques or when following complex tightening sequences.

The integrated ratcheting bit-holder with 80 teeth provides a particularly small ratchet angle of only 4.5° for particularly sensitive working – ideal for those hard-to-reach fasteners. After the tool trips, the slip mechanism prevents the preset tightening torque from being inadvertently exceeded, which protects against overtightening.

The bright, battery-saving colour OLED display is readable at almost any angle and the device stores up to 2,500 fasteners and sequences for reading out and documenting on a PC later by micro-USB. Catch up with Stahlwille at Torque-Expo Coventry, from 3-4 October 2018 at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.


The TruTool screwdriver range has expanded with three 18 V versions, joining TRUMPF’s already established TruTool DD 1010. The three new launches are suitable for light and heavy screwing and drilling work and are used by professionals from the industry, construction and metalworking, wood and masonry. With their 18 V lithium-ion drive, they belong to the high-power class and provide high speeds while simultaneously retaining a low weight and a small size.

With battery run times an all-important consideration, TRUMPF offers its new screwdrivers with durable 5 Ah lithium ion batteries, ideal for continuous use. Alternatively, there are small, light and handy 2 Ah lithium-ion batteries available, which are well suited to especially in tight spaces. Both lithium-ion batteries are compatible with all 18 V battery machines from TRUMPF.

All three new TRUMPF screwdrivers are equipped with an LED light that illuminates the work area well. In addition: the screwdrivers have a quick stop, which triggers automatically in case of overload or jammed tools. This makes safe working possible and prevents over-tightening of the screws.

The new trio are the TruTool DD 1813 drill driver, the TruTool HD 1813 hammer drill and the TruTool ID 1861 impact driver.


Pliers specialists KNIPEX has launched the Raptor Multiple Slip Joint Spanner, ideal for metric and imperial nuts and screws with widths from 10 to 32 mm (3/8-inch up to 1 ¼-inch).

The Raptor Multiple Slip Joint Spanner (87 41 250), combines the convenience of a comfortable push-button adjustment on the workpiece with the function of an all-purpose tightening tool. Jaw gripping with zero backlash prevents slipping on the bolt head or rounding edges, while the exceptionally powerful closing gripping jaws can manage to grip even rusty or thick-coated bolted connections, even when there are no surfaces that can be reliably gripped by a conventional spanner.

The Raptor Multiple Slip Joint Spanner replaces the need for a whole set of wrenches and enables the quick tightening of bolted connections using the ratchet action. The pliers are comfortable to use and fine adjustment is possible with the push of a button. As with many KNIPEX pliers, the Multiple Slip Joint Spanner is forged from chrome vanadium electric steel, ensuring the highest quality tool.


TIMco has launched a new range of impact driver bits and associated products capable of use with increasingly powerful tools. The new range,
launched to meet customer demand, will be offered under the Addax X6 range.

This new generation of impact drivers uses the latest metallurgy research, designed to cope with high impact driving applications. Packaged in handy packs, blister cards or sets, the Addax X6 products last as much as 10 times longer when compared to other bits on the market, according to TIMco. To cope with increasingly powerful tools, TIMco has developed the products with a greater torsional strength to withstand excessive impact allowing for a longer service life than a standard bit. The impact driver bits are available in different recess styles including: Pozi, Phillips, TIM drive and Square.

To help end users, the X6 range comes with screw guides which make the products even easier to use as they feature a sliding sleeve that helps prevent cam-out and achieve a 90° angle with a perfect finish, for a hassle free application. Not only will this make jobs easier for end users, but the sleeve also reduces the risk of finger injury as it covers the sharp screw threads.

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