FOCUS on anchors: INDEX, Heco, Hafren, Rawlplug & Toggler

We compile everything from security anchors to self-tapping anchors and plasterboard fixings in our latest product focus.

Hafren offers versatile security anchors which are ideal for light to medium (non-structural) applications where security is required as well as a firm hold. They are expansively used to protect equipment and property in public areas helping to protect facilities and equipment from theft, vandalism and unauthorised tampering.

The versatile sleeve anchor is perfect for many security applications in a wide variety of base materials (including cement, block, thin wall/solid concrete, brick or stone). The all-steel ribbed sleeve design assures holding power of expansion sleeve, which has a 360° contact area for even stress load capacity.

The mechanical expansion action allows immediate load application saving time and money when fixing applications that require a frim hold. Sleeve anchors are available in both Bright Zinc Plated (CR-3) Steel for internal use and A2 Stainless Steel for external application.

The range of security anchors also come in a range of head & security drive styles for varied application & finished look. The unique Kinmar® Permanent drive offers an accurate torque-controlled 1-way security fixing which can be retorqued if necessary. While the Kinmar® Removable version allows for a 2-way security fixings for use where access is required for maintenance. 6-Lobe Pin anchors are available in Button Head and Countersunk offering a removable high torque anchor fixing.

INDEX Fixing Systems manufactures and controls the production process for a wide range of its products to guarantee the maximum quality of the products and an optimum service. INDEX has presented two new catalogues this year, featuring a wide range of fixing and related products.

As well as new chemical anchors such as a new pure epoxy range and a new look for the range, the catalogues feature INDEX’s metal anchors. The MT-Anchor family is characterised by an expansive clip. While applying torque to the anchor, the clip expands due to the cone-shaped of the bolt, making high pressure on the inner side of the hole, which originates the necessary friction between the clip and the base material. This family of anchors has the most rigorous certifications and approvals of the market such as EOTA, fire and seismic resistance.

TH concrete screw anchors, with Silver Ruspert coating, do not introduce stress into the base material, due to low distances necessary between the anchors and the edge. It can be used in cracked and non-cracked concrete, can be used from medium to high loads and its installation – and uninstallation – is quick and easy. These anchors also have EOTA certificate and fire resistance.

Furthermore, the HE-HO and its version with flared lip HE-CL are ETA approved in Option 7 for structural and non-structural uses in concrete. The drop in anchors work by expansion of the anchor body, and are installed by hitting the expansion cone with a hammer and the specific installation tool EXP.

INDEX’s extensive range also includes nylon anchors (such as the TN4S) and the T-NUX, another of INDEX’s best plastic anchors, focused on fixing medium loads. The product line-up is further backed by a range of polyurethane foams, versatile products that are used to fill and seal gaps, mount doors or windows and also, as thermal and acoustic insulation. Finally, INDEX’s products and accessories for drywall have been extended.

Rawlplug’s R-LX self-tapping concrete screw is for quick, efficient and secure anchoring. It’s available in six different head variations, ranging from a hexagonal version with integrated washer, to a cylinder head version. Thanks to an innovative forging and heat treatment process, the high steel class range is multiple installation enabled. The process has also eliminated risk of hydrogen embrittlement. Designed in two variants, the R-LX comes with high quality zinc electroplated finish of zinc-flake finish of even higher corrosion resistance.

The ring-like structure and special high-low type thread is a perfect combo of features enabling the thread to bite into the material for a reliable and lasting joint. Undercutting the substrate to transfer increased loads, the screw design also enables them to efficiently and evenly distribute the forces over the whole thread. Rawlplug says R-LC anchors attain the highest available load capacity compared to other anchors in the class.

Fully supported by Rawlplug’s EasyFix design software, the R-LX anchor range is available from Rawlplug now.

HECO’s latest catalogue was released in the summer, featuring 230 pages of product including the MULTI-MONTI-plus. This full threaded concrete self-tapping screw anchor has an ideal core and thread geometry to enable easy insertion and high load capacities. The toothed functional tip reduces the abrasion and so permits multiple usage in temporary fixations. It features a hexagon head with combined washer and head marking (MMS+).

The optimised concrete thread has full threaded variations for the highest demands. The easily settable screw anchor (even in the case of worn drills) has two embedment depths for more flexibility. It is settable by means of power tools and is immediately load bearing. There’s a wider approved assortment of products for ETA option 1 from MMS-plus 6, including seismic from diameter 10mm.

There are plenty more anchor and fastener options in HECO’s catalogue, which has added emphasis on helping readers select the right fasteners whether they are reading the printed or digital version. Integrated QR codes can be used to access clear product and assembly videos on YouTube for a large number of different screws. New products are clearly marked and sections of the catalogue are devoted to different application options for the various fasteners. The digital product catalogue also includes links to technical data sheets.

More details are available from be emailing or download the digital version from

The range of TOGGLER Heavy Duty Plasterboard Fixings provide virtually endless solutions to many of the awkward and demanding tasks professionals face when having to install items to cavity and solid walls. Whether fixing into plasterboard, cavity walls, solid walls, or even Thermalite – there is a TOGGLER anchor for that. SNAPTOGGLE is designed to secure heavy items on plasterboard. ALLIGATOR can secure a wide range of applications in either solid or hollow walls. Superior Hollow Wall Anchors (HWA) will lock hanging items and provide vibration-proof holding.

For quickly securing medium load items to plasterboard, SNAPSKRU is on hand. This self-drilling plasterboard fixing requires no predrilling, driving straight in and the anchor’s built-in positive stop resists over-drilling. SnapSkru® anchors are the only ones, the brand says, that lock symmetrically to the wall or ceiling for truly secure fastening. Opening behind the wall with an audible ‘POP’, their unique ‘Snap-Lock’ feature keeps the gypsum and paper of the plasterboard wall under compression to provide greater holding power – and will not pull loose, the brands says, adding that SNAPSKRU offers up to 80% more holding power than comparable anchors on the market.

This article was originally published in Torque’s September 2018 edition.

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