fischer UK kicks off 2018 with 33% growth in January

Despite the UK construction market’s traditionally slow pick up from the long winter break, fischer UK has recorded a significant uplift at the start of 2018.

Buoyed by a growing market place and some key projects falling into place in January, fischer recorded a huge month versus previous years.

fischer UK Managing Director, Justin White said: “fischer has achieved an outstanding result last month, with 33% growth year-on-year. We out-performed the marketplace, grew our business beyond any industry growth forecast and our performance even surpassed our internal forecasts.”

fischer said it will look to build on that opening performance and push for huge success in 2018. fischer believes that by laying the building blocks in Q1 it can boost its local investment and develop the core business beyond the sectors it already operates in.

New products are a key area of growth for fischer and last year saw many high-end and “world first” products in the UK, for example the FAZ II in M6, the only anchor globally with ETA Option 1, the firm said. fischer plans to continue this strategy in 2018, with innovative design and manufacturing ahead. We have also been told that “fischer will look to increase and improve on its e-commerce presence. Something that we as an industry are slow to adopt, but something that is the inevitable future for all business sectors”.

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