Excalibur screwbolts secures concrete deal

The largest concrete pumping company in the UK, Camfaud, now specifies the use of Excalibur Screw Bolts for securing the brackets on high pressure concrete pumping lines in order to minimise movement of the line and maximise productivity.

Camfaud has written the use of Excalibur Screw BOLTs into its method statements and has been securing its lines on many projects across the UK including CrossRail and the Thames Tideway.

“We use Excalibur Screw BOLTS to secure the brackets on our concrete pumping lines as a matter of policy now, since they are so quick, easy and effective to use on site,” said Camfaud’s Andrew Turner. “They minimise any stress or delay on site and provide a really secure fix. They are now an established part of our site methodology.”

Camfaud’s delivers and pumps concrete for projects across the UK using reciprocating pumps which can cause the line to pulsate as the concrete is delivered. Brackets along the length of the line secure it in place using Excalibur Screw Bolts, chosen because they are fast, safe and reliable on site. Fixing is so quick, easy and reliable, that there is less chance of operative fixing errors and the process is much safer and less labour intensive, the firm said.

Excalibur’s Screwbolt is an innovative high-strength twin helix threaded anchor that has reportedly revolutionised bolt fixing in the global construction. Excalibur continues to manufacture in the UK using British design and engineering expertise. The Excalibur Screwbolt range now includes a full complement of products for almost any building or construction project, from bridge and tunnel engineering to lighter second fix applications such as cable trays and signs and for a wide variety of on-track rail applications including fixing track base plates and signalling and power systems.

“Excalibur is the manufacturer of the original screw bolt, the innovative high-strength twin helix threaded anchor that has revolutionised bolt fixing in the global construction,” the firm said.