European manufacturing: Victory ‘fills in the blanks’

Victory Fasteners’ founder Vic Waddison tells Torque Magazine: “We were excited when the opportunity presented itself to have our own fully equipped machine shop as part of our development, although this happened sooner than we anticipated.

“Early within our setup we acquired the assets of a well-respected machine shop, and quickly integrated it into our company. Operating within 5,000 sq.ft at Unit 4, located adjacent to our existing premises on Dunstall Hill Trading Estate, we now have an excellent range of Capstan/Emimec and Screw cutting machines enabling us to cut and screw up to M48 in-house. This, along with additional Broaching, drilling and sawing equipment allows us to be almost entirely self-sufficient.

“The fastener industry has changed greatly in recent years and an increase in demand means two to three week delivery times are no longer acceptable, we now offer delivery times of between five to seven days to customers both nationwide and overseas, which has now become the norm.

“Having invested in a comprehensive range of Blanks in grades B7/L7, 10.9, 12.9 and SAE 8 and in head forms Hexagon, Cap Screw, Countersunk and Flange, we can cover all non-standards quickly and competitively.

“The stock range is extremely important to us. Blanks sell well to customers who have their own in-house capabilities and customers requiring parts to be machined know that, whether it’s long, short, fine or extra fine, we cater for every requirement. The complete and extensive range of Blanks we offer can be viewed on our website at: For example, Ex Stock for Socket Capscrew Blanks we offer in Metric M10 / M64 in lengths x 200/300/400/500/600 and Imperial both 1936 and 1960 Series ½” or 2.½” in lengths 6”/8”/12”/18” and in Grades B7/L7, 10.9 and 12.9 – combined with an excellent fully threaded range.

“As certification and traceability is paramount to any company, 95% of our stock is of European materials, available with 3.1 Certification and, in most cases, a copy Mill certificate.

“We are pleased to announce that, after placing an order with Merlin Business Software, we are in the process of updating our software systems to cater for the continued growth in our business with larger volumes in both distribution and manufacturing, allowing us to offer a more detailed and efficient service to our customers.”

This article was part of a wider feature on European manufacturing and originally published in the September 2017 edition of Torque Magazine. Read the full magazine online here or subscribe for free.   

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