EFC International implements Power BI, linked to SAP and CRM systems

Engineered fastener and components distributor EFC International has implemented the advanced Power BI system, from Microsoft.

A business analytics tool, Power BI is linked to EFC’s internal SAP operating system and CRM software.

EFC said it has been at the leading edge of the industrial distribution industry, embracing and implementing advanced innovative technology and digital transformation, adding that it was one of the first distributors in the market to implement SAP, in 2000.

“EFC’s implementation of Power BI provides our team with a powerful business analytics tool that delivers real-time interactive dashboards customised to our business strategy and performance metrics,” said CEO Matt Dudenhoeffer. “Our SAP and CRM systems are incredibly versatile in enabling customised reports for our suppliers and customers, and now we can take that a step further with interactive visualisations through a simple interface.”

On the topic of EFC’s early SAP implementation, VP of Operations Tom Mansholt said: “We were ahead of our largest customers and suppliers, many of whom have subsequently converted to SAP in recent years. Our organisation across the globe is integrated and running on these systems.”

EFC International is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, global provider of engineered fasteners including plastic injection molded parts, spring steel stamped fasteners, hose clamps, panel fasteners, routing components and a vast breadth of other components. Among the market leader sin assembly innovation, EFC offers a comprehensive line of components for the automotive, industrial and distribution markets.

EFC recently revealed a newly developed lightweight carbon fibre/composite panel fastener. That followed the launch of a redeveloped website earlier in the year.