Dorma Pramet launches new milling cutters S2 range

Global manufacturer Dorma Pramet have launched their new S2 range of solid carbide milling cutters for use on tough steel, titanium and nickel.

The S2 range includes a range of neck options for deep milling and multi-flute designs for uses from roughing through to finishing.

The range includes three varieties of pitch cutters, the S260, S262 and S264, which offer fewer tool offset adjustments to provide effective chip removal at high feed rates.

The cutters are available with diameters between 3-20mm and each have an aluminum chromium nitride coating for improved wear and oxidisation resistance.

The S264 milling cutter has a robust corner chamfer on the end teeth to reduce chipping, with a roughing profile for greater removal rates. Meanwhile, the S262’s corner radius provides a more precise finish and optimises performance, particularly in ramping operations.

The S2 range additionally features three flute cutters, the S225, S226 and S227. Each flute cutter has a high helix angle keeping the cutting edges constantly engaged with the work piece, resulting in a clean surface finish.

Several neck options are available to support pocket milling, up to 8.8xD, by preventing contact between the shank and work-piece and eliminating the risk of vibration and scouring.

The company’s S2 range of four flute cutters, the S216, S217, S218 and S219, offer a reach up to 9xD. This range also features an optimised cutting-edge design and a titanium aluminium nitride coating for high heat hardness and oxidation resistance. A special edge treatment provides a smooth and quiet machining process to prolong tool life.

The final instalments in the new S2 range are three ball nose cutters, the S229, S231 and S233. The ball nose cutters are available in 1.5-16mm diameters, offering up to 8.3xD. As well as a special edge treatment to support smooth machining, its titanium silicon coating provides improved wear and oxidation resistance in extreme cutting conditions.

Further information on the new S2 range can be found here.