Cyber security – Is your business vulnerable? Torque-Expo Coventry seminar tackles the issue

Virtually all MDs and company owners will have considered whether their business is vulnerable to cyber criminals.

From Facebook to Jewsons Builders Merchants, cyber attacks affect all kinds of businesses, and come in a number of shapes and sizes.

This week, Torque-Expo Coventry has drafted in an expert to tackle the topic, Paul Colwell, Chief Technology Officer, CyberGuard Technologies (part of the OGL Group).

Many small to medium sized business owners think a cyber-attack won’t happen to them, but increasingly cyber-criminals are targeting these businesses through phishing emails, ransomware as well as high-level spear-attacks targeting senior executives. Paul Colwell will share how one customer fell victim to an attack and explain the impact it had on the business and how it could have been prevented.

Catch his words at the Seminar stand at Torque-Expo Coventry 2018, at 11.30am on Wednesday 3 October.

Colwell has over 10 years’ experience of seeking ways to exploit technology to deliver real benefits for businesses.  In more recent years, he has focused on developing leading edge cloud technology solutions and pioneered innovative ways to deliver the latest IT security solutions to tackle the growing issue of cyber-crime.

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