Construction Products Association reveals new image and objectives

The Construction Products Association’s Chairman John Sinfield used the CPA’s annual Spring Lunch to outline the Association’s three strategic objectives for 2016, and to unveil a new logo for the Association.


Speaking before an audience of 500 senior industry leaders and government officials, Mr Sinfield, Managing Director of Knauf Insulation for Northern Europe, said:  “My compliments to CPA Chief Executive Diana Montgomery and her team for the new look to the logo and the new website.  The change is more than skin deep as there has been significant effort put in behind the scenes to rethink and refocus the CPA’s objectives and strategy.


“First is the matter of increasing recognition for the industry and your business. The CPA is known as the voice of our industry.That’s a turn of phrase that sometimes gets overused, but as the umbrella trade association representing 85% by value of all the manufacturers and merchants, we have a clear mandate from our members.


“Another important factor determining whether our members grow or not is the skills shortage.  We have put the CPA at the heart of efforts to study this problem and find effective, practical solutions.


“Digitalisation is another key area which will determine growth opportunities.  Not only because of the April BIM deadline just passed.  Here too, the CPA has been leading on behalf of manufacturers and distributors to prepare for this, and we are now working to develop the next steps to BIM Level 3.  We lobbied hard for government’s continued support to Level 3, and so were very pleased to see the recent Budget commitment; while the £15 million investment may seem slight in quantity the signal it sends to industry is in fact strong and appreciated.


“Aside from our focus on raising the profile of the construction products industry and helping support growth opportunities for your markets, our third major objective is to reduce the regulatory risk to your business. Our research identified 132 current and pending UK and EU policies and regulations impacting our business, not even counting health and safety, human resources, finance or transportation.


“The sheer number and complexity of these policies and regulations is a risk in itself to business.  Added to this are the growing complications arising from the need to harmonise regulations both with the EU and the increasingly influential devolved regions in the UK. “


The new logo is the first change to the brand in over a decade and reflects the Association’s continuing evolution as the leading voice to represent UK manufacturers and distributors of construction products.