C-PARTS, LOGISTICS & KANBAN: Process optimisation with WASI KANBAN

WASI Kanban offers supply reliability, process optimisation and customer-specific systems. Here the fastener giant takes us through its offering…

For many industrial customers, trouble‐free production is top priority. In order to support customers optimally in the process and value chain, WASI GmbH offers a customer‐specific C‐parts management system: With WASI Kanban, standard and special parts are integrated into the delivery system. For users, this results in lower circulation levels and maximum reliability of supply and low effort in procurement.

For a perfect production process, C‐parts must always be available at the right time, at the right place, in the right quantity and quality. In order to ensure this supply for all customers, WASI relies on a Kanban system which is adapted to the individual needs of each customer. An experienced project team accompanies the entire process flow ‐ from analysis and planning to system implementation. Company specific needs and conditions are analysed on site and considered for the choice of a suitable Kanban solution. The respective concept is developed on the basis of the customer’s wishes and needs and coordinated in partnership. 

WASI relies on the proven quality of SSI Schäfer for the standard shelves and small load carriers. They form stable and robust small load carriers made of polypropylene according to the VDA standard are also specially designed to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. They are particularly suitable for manual handling on the production lines, automatic part removal from the containers and transfer to empty stacks. In addition, horizontal and vertical gripping are no problem thanks to grooves and lift shafts. Depending on customer requirements, individual racks and containers can also be used.

WASI Kanban guarantees maximum reliability of supply with simple operation thanks to state‐of‐the‐art RFID technology. The radio‐controlled transmission of articles and container data
directly from the customer’s production facility to the WASI central warehouse ensures automatically generated orders without scanning and manual recording. Demand messages are transmitted directly without time delays and incorrect bookings are avoided. Along the entire supply chain, this means easy handling for the customer, a reduction of safety stocks and hence optimised warehouse and inventory management.

WASI Kanban offers customers along the entire supply chain a secure material supply, maximum process reliability and process optimisation as well as a reduction in procurement costs.