C.K aims to light up the cable router market with Gloworm

C.K is expanding its range of cable routing solutions with the new C.K Gloworm Cable Router (4m),  designed for running cables around tight corners, through insulation filled walls, underneath flooring and across ceilings.

Using glow in the dark phosphorescent polymer construction, gloworm aids routing in low light conditions and easier navigation towards exit points.  When charged under natural light, Gloworm provides an effective glow for up to 30 minutes.

Short tight runs can often be tricky, even when using traditional cable routing equipment such as rods and draw tapes, but the new C.K Gloworm retains a natural curvature for perfect routing around short tight bends. When the need arises, it can also be straightened out for any straight line runs.

“Cable routing can often be difficult, so we are delighted to introduce Gloworm, designed to aid complex cable routing,” said Graham Godfrey, Brand Manager at C.K. “With the introduction of Gloworm, C.K now offers a collection of industry leading cable routing solutions.”

Other recent product launches from the C.K stable include the premium Magma Pro Tool Case.