Bunzl buys PPE firm Revco

Bunzl plc has bought California-based Revco, which designs, develops and distributes workplace safety and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Via redistributors, Revco sells to a variety of end user markets, including the welding and industrial sectors in the US. 2017 revenue is expected to be US$37 million.

Bunzl already supplies a wide range of PPE equipment to the industrial and construction markets.

Bunzl has also bought a UK-based business, Aggora Group, operating in the commercial catering equipment sector. Bunzl sold its OPM business in France (focused on the distribution and sale of SodaStream products) and revealed that the acquisition of Talge in Brazil has been cleared by the Brazilian competition authority.

Commenting on the recent acquisitions, Frank van Zanten, Chief Executive of Bunzl, said: “The acquisition of Revco represents a further development of our safety business in the US with the business in particular complementing and strengthening our existing presence in the welding and industrial supplies market.”

It’s fair to say that Bunzl is active in the acquisition market – it also bought three separate businesses across Spain and Canada, including PPE and packaging companies – last year.

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