Bülte launches nylon TORX grub screws

Light, good thermal properties, good mechanical strength and non-conductive to electricity (compared with metallic screws), BÜLTE’s new TORX grub screws are manufactured from natural nylon.

Also offering good resistance to shocks and resistant to staining, the screws are available in M4 to M12, lengths 6 to 50 mm according to the diameter.

Thanks to the six-point recess, the TORX grub screw allows for optimum torque transfer. The shape helps prevent slippage and occasional distortion known with other recesses, as well as saving time during mass production using high volumes of this type of screw.

It can be used in virtually any industrial sector.

Besides Nylon, BÜLTE offers the range in PP, PE, PVDF and PC on request. These materials are also stainless, offering high resistance to diluted acids, greases, oils, alcohol or petrol.

A further option from the firm is fibre glass filled Nylon which  combines mechanical performance and long term durability. It represents the perfect polyamide for pieces that require higher Torque, and good shock absorption, BÜLTE said.

The TORX grub screw can be adapted to various applications and can be produced in a large range of colours (minimum quantity on request). To hear more from BÜLTE’s account managers, who can be part of the process from product design to completion, or for quotation and free samples, contact BÜLTE directly: