Bralo opens new rivet showroom in Pinto, Madrid

BRALO has officially launched a Showroom at its headquarters at Milanos, 12, Polígono de la Estación, Pinto (Madrid).

The new space is dedicated to customers, both in industry and distribution, where they can see first hand all the products from the rivet, riveted nut and riveter manufacturer.

With this facility, BRALO is aiming to provide an innovative space and room of 90m² to receive customers in a cozy and interactive environment, where they can discover BRALO’s  history, try out riveters and find out more about the wide range of rivets and nuts, with product counters where visitors can see and touch all the products. In addition, BRALO has a new meeting room to receive visitors and internal meetings.

BRALO also intends to give greater visibility to the multiple applications its products have in different industries.

The innovative Showroom incorporates materials such as metal, with which the company is identified, and plenty of company branding to support business development and commercial work.

Click on the images below for expanded views of the new Showroom.

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