Bossard’s sales reach record highs in first half of 2018

Following Bossard’s “best quarter ever“, the group has posted record highs in the first half of 2018.

Sales in H1 rose 13% to CHF 446.3 million, with growth across all three of its market regions (Europe, America and Asia). Excluding last year’s extraordinary income of CHF 4.5 million net from a real-estate sale, net income of 2018 rose 20.4% to a record high of CHF 49 million.

Europe accounted for 58% of H1’s total sales. Sales grew 16.7% to CHF 260.5 million (+10.4% in local currency). Q2 continued the upward trend, growing sales 18.7% to CHF 128.4 million.

There were strong gains in America too. Sales rose 4.5% to CHF 119.5 million (7.7% in local currency). Q2 sales rose 7% to CHF 61.4 million. The growth was broad-based across the entire customer base.

Investments in Asia continued to pay off, Bossard said, with sales in H1 up 15.3% to CHF 66.3 million (+11.8% in local currency). Q2 saw sales grow 17.6% to CHF 36.1 million. China was a major contributor to the substantial increase.

Bossard’s H1 2018 has also seen some significant personnel announcements, including a new Manager for North and East Europe, and changes to the Bossard board.